Waldorf STVC -- New Product Streichfett Keyboard + Vocoder

Well Python you’re ahead of me with the information, i haven’t seen any ‘postponements’, it’s just been crickets far as i can tell.

Odd that Waldorf still has the STVC on their hardware product page, and retailers in the US still let you pre-order it, but Waldorf has never put up a manual or any mention of when, that i’ve ever seen. I think there was some non-official question about changes and improvements (like in an interview with Rolf), in particular to add the storing/loading of freezes – which would be an excellent feature were it ever to occur.

Waldorf has their own schedule with things, for instance the Quantum took it’s time coming. This can be a good thing, if it means that what they release is better for the wait.

Just yesterday Waldorf posted a review of the stvc on Facebook, so I hope this thing is close to being released. Here is the link they posted:

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The STVC is finally out and here some demo’s. I really like this machine so far.

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Thanks for the heads up on this NoiseLab – i see there’s a manual out now on this too.

“We will ship no wine before it’s time.” – From an old USA TV commercial.

EDIT: Fixed odd behavior of link.

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