Waldorf Quantum

i wish waldorf would just make the microwave again

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A new ambient machine is born :slight_smile:



I really second that !! There is a large gap between the blofeld and the Quantum. Having a new microwave with a one knob per function interface like the Xt and a decent price would be so nice !!

there needs to be a petition! my mwxt is 20 years old now, every time i turn it on i say a little prayer for it to keep working another day.

Actually I really would like to buy a MwXT, but im afraid by the fact that it is so old … And im not been convinced by the blofeld and its lack of knobs …

Waldorf does have the Kyra in the works, who knows what that will be when it’s done.

Also apparently there are other things being worked on/discussed at Waldorf. Rolf talks about this (auf Deutsch) on the latest Musotalk. (Thank you K. for spotting this.)

Now I want one.

I tend to haul ridiculous packages with my bike too! :slight_smile:

And I thought that you are a Finn, from your user name!

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Factory presets as of Sept 2018 there are 723 is total now
PM me for download if you have a older machine

Hi all,

How is the Quantum? Waldorf are sending me a unit within the next 14 days to add new sound content, not many videos online showing the in depth stuff so I’m eager to get my hands on it. Should have a whole new batch of sounds available nearer Christmas.


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In depth stuff? Ok:


Sounds like a dated NI Absynth demo



Thank you for this demo. It sounds really deep and beautiful to me !!


Put a heavily EQd 808 under that and it could be a new Aquarian Motion EP.


I like your progression through this whole piece, I mellowed out with this, and just let it wash over me – and was really surprised that i was “en voyage” for a full twelve and a half minutes. Nice.

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Thank you! That’s a nice compliment :slight_smile: Seranade is great great track :heart_eyes:


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Sounds fabulous Iv’e listened to this a few times now. Great sounds can’t wait for mine to arrive thanks


Next batch of Quantum due last week of October so Iv’e another 4 weeks wait for mine grrr
Just had an email from Waldorf

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