Waldorf Kyra


I like the clear panel… direct access to multis and parts… looks good.


Manufacturers going in hard on the pre-yellowed polyurethane, early 90s aesthetic these days (ironically, looks like a metal front plate). Clear and intuitive though. Definitely keen to hear this.


So it’s not really announced yet, right? Do they have it at NAMM at this time?


There’s a post further up showing it under a sheet an NAMM. We should get some videos of it soon. I hope it’s not a bust.


Yeah I was just surprised they haven’t announced it yet since NAMM has begun.
I’m looking into buying a wave table synth that can replace the Virus TI2 so maybe this is it.


Thanks for the image Kari.

It’s interesting to compare this photo with the one at the very top of this thread from a year back. There is a deep similarity, but also lots of changes and improvements. There is still the parameter control matrix in the lower right – something somewhat restricting, and yet necessary with something with lots of parameters. And the screen looks similar. But at the same time there looks to be a much more logical organization to the controls and segmentation. And i think the box is a little smaller and less bulky.

But the big next step is to hear it. And that’s where i’m hoping there are some very nice upgrades too.


I hope that Waldorf have tweaked the sound on this thing.

As cool as the synth was on paper, i didn’t care for it when I heard it


Agreed. It was very much a one person invention and that one person’s musical taste was rooted in the past. Always good to get a group of people together, when dealing with something that’s a matter of taste.


Yeah, most of the early demos were just heavy trance chords but, to be fair, there are so many deep synths out there with awful demos.


Forget demos and presets, this synth is all about awesome specs. You’re the one to make it sound good.


Anybody come across any NAMM videos yet?



If this has a decent price it could be a real secret weapon.


I’m hearing €1900 EU / $2200 US


Looks so sick.


So far it does not sound any better than Zebra 2.


Maybe… but that’s the only way you can touch a Zebra:

Seriously, it’s all about interface. And the redesign above the valkyrie is great in this regard. More space, better layout… this thing will be a pleasure to use and sculpt cool sounds.


Well it could be but, I think that we’re all curious about hearing something new given their supposed incredible sound engine, so far I did not hear anything special.


To be fair though most synth demos are trash w regard to sound design.


There I disagree :slight_smile:
Arturia did a nice demo with their new synth.