Waldorf Kyra



Sonic State Sneek Peek


YES!!! Finally!


Nice one


UUUUUooooooohhhhhh :wink:



now that’s something to keep my digitakt midi tracks busy


That looks expensive


Should be well under 2000€

Pretty sweet for an 8 part/128 voices fpga synth.


seems cool but I dont think I will ever need that many voices.


Me neither, but the 8 parts, yes. Arguably I could buy a Virus TI, but let’s see if manuel caballero poured a bit of waldorf’s DNA in his synth sound…


I wait for the Sound…Features means shyte If it aint Sound good. Waldorf tend to be very Germania sounding…


Let’s hope it doesn’t have dodgy encoders for once! Looking forward to hearing it. It’s quite an investment. My Blofeld will probably fill this roll for me for the foreseeable future due to that.


Please have a USB host port on the back and MPE support… Please, please, please!



Kyra looks fantastic… absolutely stunning design :heart_eyes:


Yeah I’m also curious about this one.



The part scrolling is not that exciting compared to the direct access on Elektron machines.


judging by the panel, it should be mostly potentiometers, so less problems…


I think it probably can be used also as drum module. Maybe as groovebox, paired with a digitakt & 8 channel sequencing, could be awesome. Think of modulated percussion´s, kick & bass drums, with FM capability, all this FX, mod matrix etc, could be a complete thing.


That sure looks good!