Waldorf Kyra


With all the effects, osc’s, 32x oversampling and operating internally at 96k, it still promises 128 note polyphony.
And people wonder why the digitones 8 note polyphony is questioned :joy:


Until its Not playable at Messe it sounds Like a hoax.


Cause limiting your options promotes creative thinking, easy.

And of course the chances of people picking up digitakt/octa to resample it :wink:


Will there be a desktop version though? I have no use for all those keys.


Not universally true and you could always limit yourself…yourself if that’s what you need to be creative. When it comes to actual sound design though … I’m not sure many would agree.


Oh man I love that line.
Just imagine how uncreative and disappointed Elektron users will be if they release a 16 note synth, or heaven forbid 32 note.
The mind boggles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Always loved this piece… :smile:


I don’t think it’s a hoax. But this line is interesting „We’re interested in engaging a number of people/companies for the launch of Valkyrie.“ sounds like they have a prototype, but the need someone who Finance the marketing, production etc.


The flyer says it’s a real product that exists now and is fully playable…
But then it goes on to say realistically on shelves 2016? :thinking: So who knows…

1280 oscillators?? :grin:


Never too soon for speculations. I say it’s about 2’000€ for the rack unit.




looks promising sounds awful i will go with Waldorf Quantum


Have you ever heard a synth demo that doesn’t :thinking:


Yes Modor. :smile: but its a matter of what you like…


Ok will have to listen to more Modor demos as the ones I heard sounded awful :joy:


haha you get the joke. the one i like is the Video of the Analog 4 MKII this is serious and to be honest you´re right some demos may not sound good. the purpose is just to show the synth capabilities. nothing new here soudwise who nows time will tell


Sadly, specs don’t translate to good sounds all the time.
This strikes me more like a vaporware, but I could be mistaken. Maybe all they need is a proper demo and sound designers.


It’s just a promise though… And we have yet to see the price.


Yes true, Elektron once promised Overbridge :lying_face:
Regarding price, we may be pleasantly surprised as it’s all digital


From their soundcloud:

“Valkyrie is a mainstream synth and will launch at a mainstream price.”

Not sure what that means.