Waldorf Kyra

I would rather have it and not use it, than not have it and get pissed off when I need it.
It comes down to how many part multi it is.
High multi or part count is when you potentially need as many voices as possible.
Having only 8 sucks, having 128 doesn’t.
Pretty simple

Hardware black MIDI FTW

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Search Black Midi on YouTube.

Yeah, not my favourite either. My eldest son is into it though.

I finally watched the sonic state vid yesterday, that box looks like it is something for old people … like me … :slightly_smiling_face:

News. Good news, IMHO.


sounding interesting.hoping it’s a cross between a virus and blofeld

Awesome! Waldorf is perfect for this job!

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Mission accomplished, i’d say. He was looking at Namm for a Partner to Team with…and found one! Awesome that it is Waldorf!

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Dang!! I’m drooling over the Quantum and now the Kyra too. Well played Waldorf.

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So i’d expect Waldorf to completely reskin this and perhaps bring Axel Hartmann in to the design. I wonder if they would pull design ideas from their other products – like the way the STVC pulled design from the Blofeld Keyboard. Will they use elements from the Quantum?

Also will be interesting how they decide to ‘voice’ this as it was kinda dated with the patch sounds from the creator (and i realize a lot of people like them as they are). Seems like it’s an open slate, for a team of sound designers, especially the sort of people Waldorf can marshal.

The sound of this synth didn’t really impress me(I’m not impressed with the Virus sounds either)- but Waldorf stuff generally sounds good. So I wonder if Waldorf releasing this item will result in giving it that [French expression] that might make me want to buy(though, I haven’t been impressed with what I’ve heard from the Quantum, so- I don’t know…

Good thoughts Ryan! Way too soon to know on both counts (the Quantum surprisingly ain’t done yet either), as to what the sound will be. I think it’s safe to assume the Kyra sound will be moving away from the present one to something more contemporary.

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I’m a big fan of the name change, definitely has more appeal than a low-budget 80s sci-fi/fantasy movie visions that the Exodus Valkyrie made me think.

Je ne sais quoi


Yeah, i had just looked up origins of the word Kyra – and best as i make out it’s the feminine form of the Greek Kyros which means power, or legitimate power.

But who knows?

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Thanks. I was betting on it being the chorus to Lady Marmalade


Good discussion about this on Sonic Talk 536. Starts about 8:40 in.

The initial design was certainly inspired by the Access Virus, and had massive processing power with 128 stereo voices, each with up to 10 oscillators per voice, with 8 part multi-timbraility, each part having 9 FX modules, USB audio, two stereo outputs and more

USB audio…

the blue one is ugly as $hit and why is the desktop version so huge!! I mean, I am not a volcas fan but considering nowadays specs the could have squeezed it in TI formfactor or so