Waldorf Kyra -- formerly Exodus Valkyrie


I wonder if the white panels are a design choice or if there is acutally hardware under it that justifies the large size that goes beyond the user panel.


Yeah, hopefully they’ll go with encoders for the final iteration.


This one has really some interesting features going especially at its targeted price point. Sounds like this may be really the new Virus T3 :slight_smile:

The only drawbacks I see so far (and I could live with them):

  • only pods (no encoders == a little bit cumbersome)
  • no audio in (I like to route stuff through my machines for quick mixerless blends with added fx/filtering)

Hopefully he can get his business deals fixed.


No, with up to the vastly excessive number of 10+1 encoders (+2 Pods) like the A4MKII … and, and, and, and tons of buttons for sure :wink:


One thing that looks worrying in the demo is it seems he refers to his so called ‘wavetables’ as single cycle waves only, much like nord does with their lead 4 and modal with their 001 and 002.
Presumably wave selection can be modulated here, but not the same, and i find it pretty lame when synth developers claim wavetable synthesis in this manner.
Maybe it has ‘true’ wavetable synthesis onboard? Time will tell


I still find this only evolutionary. Virus TI3 for sure. Not interested. Sorry.


Damn, this would be a total dealbreaker!
I need wavetables and not single cycle waveforms.
The thing just lost his unofficial title „Virus ti3“.
Back to waiting for the real thing. Dream smashed…


Not fact yet, just my observation
I have known to be wrong more often than not :joy:


Yeah that’s true, but I think you right this time :grinning:
Just watched the last sonicstate clip again. You even see the waveform in the display, i first thought it’s just the first wave of the wavetables and you can scroll through.


Yep if true it’s a deal breaker for sure


Regardless of it’s market appeal and success, the Valkyrie is a breakthrough synth in it’s technology. Of recent synths this would be in a category similar to the Novation Peak. Both innovate in the use of FPGAs for sound synthesis – but use different approaches with the use of FPGAs.

I’m willing to wait more and hear more.


Yes it’s been a very long time since we have seen a digital synth with specs worthy of these modern times.
Hopefully ALL other synth developers are taking note


OK so I’m not alone here. So far every Modor demo I’ve heard has resulted in me saying: “really? is that all there is to this synth?” I’d appreciate it if someone can link me to an exceptional demo.


Spent a fair while playing it a Frankfurt - sounds pretty huge and reacted nicelly to playing. (Leads, bass etc). Only span through the presets but there’s some real flavour of what it can do lurking. Really nice companion editor / librarian software too


Are those white bits fixed / part of the synth? Or just there for aesthetic / comfort?


Do you know if it has true wavetables onboard?


At the moment, it is all one unit but the designer is returning to the UK this week to look at a smaller form factor redesign for when it’s launched. So the final product may well end up smaller and sleeker.


Sorry - I don’t have any more details on the in depth specs… Spent too long playing it!


I would rather have it and not use it, than not have it and get pissed off when I need it.
It comes down to how many part multi it is.
High multi or part count is when you potentially need as many voices as possible.
Having only 8 sucks, having 128 doesn’t.
Pretty simple


Hardware black MIDI FTW