Waldorf Kyra -- formerly Exodus Valkyrie


Yes, it does. Doesn’t really excite me, but it sure seems like a nice piece of gear if you want the VA sound from a hardware box instead of from your plugins. :slight_smile:


Virus TI are now quite cheap second hand… I guess the price of valkyrie will have to be very agressive.


Yeah you are probably right.
Doubt it will sound as good as plugins, although the developer made a statement in his interview that a hardware synth needs to offer more sonically than a VST to be worthwhile.
Whether he practices what he preaches or not, I wish all synth developers thought the same way.


No offense, but that’s nonsense.

Sure, this is going to sound a bit better in terms of aliasing than your average free VA plugin in a standard DAW project simply because it runs at a higher sample rate by default.

However, no reason this is going to offer anything “more sonically” than running let’s say Repro-5 when you’ve got your DAW set to a 96k sample rate…


Not offended at all mate. Why would I be? I didn’t say it :joy:
Like I said at least he has the right idea, and is innocent till proven guilty in my books.
It may or may not sound better then Repro-5 doing boring old analogue emulation, but will definitely offer much more sonically in terms of synthesis that’s for sure.
That’s what the developer is trying to convey here
Just good to see a powerful hardware synth released in a sea of mediocrity


Yeah, at first glance it does look like a sound designer’s idea of heaven in that regard. :slight_smile:


We don’t have much details about the voice architecture, do we ? But I sure hope you’re right.


Stuff like this does not interest me personally, I don’t care for the marketing spiel either it comes across a bit “Dr Evil” :joy:

Still, if this kind of thing has a market I’m sure it will be popular, trance heads will probably love it.


Well… You don’t need to stick with presets… I’m sure this could be useful to a broader audience than “tranceheads”


Just trance heads
That sux
I thought there would have been people that enjoy programming synths across any style or genre


Undoubtedly others than trancers will love it, prolly proggers too :joy:

Joking aside, what I mean is that this kind of synth is typical of those big lush rich sounds often used in genres like trance, supersaw et al.


Should add, former trance head over here BTW. Thankfully the disease didn’t last long though and it has been 22 years since my last supersaw. :joy:

Edit - I should add as well, personally I never want to hear any music that requires 128 voice polyphony, I get that some people might though. :wink:

Ha, I’m just a cynical old fart, not hating on this just messing around.


Sound great, he insists its not just a trance machine :stuck_out_tongue: promises it under 2 grand, interesting that he calls it more a platform so like the boutique line, the circuits can be reconfigured into a different synth and the front swapped out! but the still prototype stage so could be years away!


Me doth think the guy protest too much :joy:

Just kidding, it seems interesting that the circuits can be reconfigured :thup:


better be… otherwise a used virus will do the trick.


I just love the video where you meet the „maker“, someone who loves synths since he is 15, has this for years in the making, with another day job. I guess this resonates well with many of us who have this interest in music and technology and I just admire him for pulling this off. After seeing this video, and even a nice editor and librarian ready, I am pretty sure this is going to be a fine device worth the money.


Right – this is the real deal then!

Programming this bear will be fun! The computer based editor/librarian is quite a ways along which is pleasant to see, nice Manuel is focusing some development resource toward the editor. It will be good to hear where other sound developers take the sound. It seems as i said earlier that this synth is capable far beyond the sorts of sounds we’ve heard so far.

I love all the balanced over-sampled stereo outputs. The effects as described are great, so hopefully they are as good in the actual. It’s interesting the use of a separate output to instead substitute your choice of outboard effects.

This is definitely on the list then, especially in the under 2000 price range. I can wait to the end of the year on this, and so can a few other synths possibilities on the list for me.

This one definitely has legs.


And for all those, including me, who smiled at the design, we now know that the basic idea is very clever. He can easily make an upgrade and all that is changed is the front plate … smart. Still, imagine this in an Elektron designed case …


What, with only 8 knobs? No thanks :joy:


Pots, not encoders though… it’s 2018 and some people still think it’s fine to have 32 knobs with their postions not related whatsoever to the current patch.

There’s something to learn from the nord lead 3 or the mpc X here.