Volume/Gain/Loudness Output

Sorry for so many questions today, I seem to be hitting lots of edges.

My set up is AR main out L/R into A4 ext in L/R. A4 Main out L/R into AH main in L/R. AH usb audio out (not overbridge) into Ableton.

Also can record to ableton over usb audio (not overbridge) from any machine.

I can listen to headphones out at any machine, also.

What affects the volume where?

At A4 I mix the AR signal by setting the AR “main volume” and the A4 Ext In. I need to have the AR around 75% on the main volume for it to match the level of the A4.

If this goes straight to ableton over usb audio it actually clips (since the 1.51 upgrade anyway.) Is there a way to “turn down” the level of the A4 usb audio out, or do I use ableton to do that?

I set the level of the signal into the AH with the main out encoder of the A4. It is at FULL as the AH manual says to bring the signal in at it’s highest level and then set the audio sensitivity. It seems to be happiest/best at LOW sensitivity level for the AH level setting. When this records into Ableton over usb audio it is a good 5-8 db lower than direct from A4 over usb audio.

If I put headphones direct into the A4 I set the main out to less that 25%. Same for the AR, same for the AH.

What is the supposed nominal level of the usb audio out?
How can I meter/monitor/set my levels if going into a PA over main out, not usb?

Thanks in advance

Rule of thumb is to get the hottest signal you can into a device before it clips. This is for the best signal/noise ratio. If the A4 sums its external inputs with its own output then this bus feeds the USB output then I guess you could possibly overload whatever the usb feeds (Ableton)

I’d drop the input level control on Ableton. Can’t remember if you have a level control for the usb bus on the A4

As far as using a PA and the main outputs it’s a doddle. Unless there’s a very good reason not to I’d deffo put both devices on separate pairs of channels. Then you turn the outputs of your devices to full and use the PFL (pre fade listen) on the desk to get to signal to 0dB using the trim controls on the channel strips.

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