Volca drum trig lock confusion

Hey y’all so back at it again not knowing what I’m doing with midi lol but I’m having trouble with my Volca drum and octatrack I have it in midi and all 6 tracks on the Volca drum work on the midi in 6 tracks of the octatrack but every time I try to record and modulate each parameter on the Volca drum it records the sequence of the octatrack I have in midi onto the Volca drum sequencer whenever I record in the trig/knob parameters I’m so ducking confused I tried using the midi cc learn on the octatrack but it won’t read the cc coming from the Volca drum :man_shrugging:

Volcas don’t have MIDI out, unless you done a mod?

I don’t kno how to describe it like I’ve seen people use it sololy on the octatrack like not have to touch the Volca drum and have all the midi cc controlled by the octatrack but I can’t seem to get it like that

You can record the “motions” on the Volca drum but when I do it the sequence that I made on the octatrack gets recorded into the Volca drum and fucks up the sequence

I suspect you need to assign the CCs manually on the OT. Do the automation in the OT and do not have the volca in rec mode. The CC charts are here

Yep, I’ve used the OT with my Drum without any issues - it’s just a little tedious manually setting the CCs. Make sure you’re working with a cleared pattern on the Drum too.

How do you manually set the cc ?

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Search google for “korg Volca drum midi implementation” it’s a pdf with every midi controllable parameter and its associated number. I like the “split mode” which I think you already have set up. It eats 6 midi channels but you get more to functionality control basically vs the “single mode” I’ve set up a Digitakt template with my most used parameters. P-lock the Waveguide send, lfo on the decay, exponential lfo is awesome too on all kinds of stuff.