Voice sharing

I would like to know if it’s possible to decide which voice will always play ?
My exemple : i have close hat all 16/16 and an open hat off beat. Every things fine, OH always play.

But if i set the lengh of the close hat on 15 for exemple the OH will play 1 bar on 2. I would like the OH to play evertytime no matter what…

Sorry english is not my language. I hope that’s you’ll understand :wink:

Hi Seramsed,

Just to clarify, are you changing the length of the note on step 15, or are you changing the length of the sequence to 15 steps?

i’m chanching the lenght of the sequence to 15 step. But only for the close hat. The open hat stay on a classic 4/4 off beat

I think for the tracks with shared voices, like CH and OH, the one on the right always takes priority. So this should be the OH in this case.

Are you saying the OH is not triggering when it should be?

exactly. But it’s really strange.

So i have CH all sixteen on a 15 step sequence, and OH on off beat on 16step sequence. First bar, OH is triggered 4x times like it should and 2nd bar it’s not triggered. And it goes on like this, 1 bar yes and the next bar not triggered

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I see. Is microtiming set to 0 on the note page?

Edit: I was thinking maybe the CH might be triggering immediately after the OH on every step, but I guess this would probably mess things up all the time instead of just every other loop.

hmmm i’m not sure of what you mean… Microtiming is straight on grid. I put trig manually

Ok, sorry, I don’t know the Rytm that well. Someone with more experience will have to chime in. I’ll write back if something comes to me.

ok, i’ll wait then… thank you :slight_smile:

Yes the close hat is triggered immediately after the OH. In fact the OH is always triggered but sometimes it’s shorter than other time.

i made a video to explain it with sound

edit : the last OH of the sequence is no off beat, but it doesn’t change anything…

According to the AR manual, in a coupled pair the right-hand track has priority. So OH should have priority over CH.

It sounds like the CH trigs might be cutting off the OH trigs?

Check that the note lengths are all 1/16. Maybe the note release of the OH comes too early.

Check also that swing is set to 50%, for now, since swing is applied to every other step by default.

Ok you were right. The swing was at 52% it’s at 50% it works fine ! :slight_smile: thanks you !

But i i really don’t understand why it does not work with swing


Here’s what I think is happening (though I don’t own an AR so can’t test for myself):

The swing adds a delay before a step triggers. It can be applied to any trigger, but by default, it is applied to every other step: 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

The first time you play the pattern, the swing is applied to both CH and OH steps by the same amount and at the same time, so they trigger at exactly the same time and the OH takes priority. After the 15-step CH pattern repeats once, its now 1/16 note “off” from the OH sequence. The CH steps with swings (2, 4, 6, 8, etc) now trigger at the same time as OH steps 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. When OH step 3 triggers, it is followed an instant later by CH step 4, which cuts it off.

yes but why ? If the “right” pad should take advantage of the left pad, why is it shorter ? I don’t understand but i think there is no solution. I just can’t have a polyrythm hat with swing and decide that the open hat stay at the same decay…

Yeah, I would have thought the CH would not trigger if the OH note is still playing. I could be wrong about what’s going on.

The right pad takes priority when the two are triggered on the same trig. Whenever one of the two pads is triggered after the other one, it cuts off the tail or decay of the previously triggered pad because they are both using the same sound engine, I think.

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Ok, it makes sense… thanks for your replies ! :slight_smile:

This is true for another analog drum machine I have, the Drumbrute. The basic idea is that like a real high hat you cant play it open and closed at the same time so the open circuit takes priority. A neat work around is to adjust the decay and sound so that you use the OH circuit as the CH and the CH circuit as the OH by extending the decay and sculpting the sound. Unsure if it will work on the AR, but it works for the Drumbrute.