Visuals for music, tips/starters!


Thats why i Sometimes Just use a single Photograph


You can run the full version of VDMX as a demo for as long as you like, you just cant save anything.
Resolume usually runs sales on thanksgiving and new years I believe, half off I think.
There’s a few free software solutions, but I am not familiar with any of those.

I ran VDMX as a demo for years, finally bought it.


I think i rather Invest in some visuals from or rip old sci fi movies apart. Or simply try to become better in filming. VDMX…way to complicated for me.

Btw… Arturia is a shutterstock customer…Look at this:


I’m going to try the demo over the holidays I think, might be fun to play with.


me too. There are some great tutorials on youtube. And I had a look at the manual. Looks all very logical and straight forward


VDMX is not so complicated as it looks. The thing is that makes it look complicated is that you don’t have a ready made UI …it’s kind of modular. But some people here advised to use TouchDesigner … this is actually complicated for even the simplest task. By the way … VDMX is implementing Program Changes (a dream came true) so that you can trigger next scenes with the next pattern change. This will be lots of fun!


VDMX user here also. its Mac only though. i agree it does appear a little awkward at the outset, but grok that shit in a weekend and its yours for life. piece of pie. I still use it and will probably fall back on it for an upcoming show. With syphon available for outputing, super handy to just be a nice visual mixer for your laptop, and then bring anything in from almost anywhere. It also has ‘windowed inputs’ meaning you can basically suck in any other window on your machine ie Youtube for instance and just mix on the fly.

My advice would be to grab a reasonable camera and go take a bunch of footage, whether abstract or whatever, it gives you some content to work with and then you can roll from there.

Things like Touch Designer and Processing, Max or Open Frameworks or whatever are more advanced, but no reason you cant start there, many do. I’d start with cameras, some adobe stuff and maybe a VJ app like Resolume or VDMX and see where it takes you…


Well, Thank you, i’ll give VDMX during my Xmas vacation a shot and See how we go along.

Edit: F*** that Software stuff, i ordered an OP-Z.


Magic visuals is torturing my mac quite a bit, but I have found myself a new hobby :slight_smile:


In what sense? Cool thats good to hear. Was it free?


It’s just a lot of fun :slight_smile: I’m a total noob but got some nice visuals quite fast, that I liked a lot. Small parameter changes lead to surprising changes, happy accidents.
The demo is free. The software is about 40 Euro


First steps with Magic :slight_smile: Quite hectic, I have to get it to react better to the music. But I quite like my first visuals.
Magic visuals_First test


lol…you need to add an epileptic warning in the beginning…:wink:

SCNR :duckundweg:


haha. sorry


Nice tips here! And Magic looks like a nice balance between possibilities, price and ease of use.


Ah, thanks for mentioning Critter & Guitari! I was looking at their Video Scope some time back, but couldn’t remember what it was called.


Just want to add some freebies. There was another thread recently about controlling DMX lighting which I mentioned QC, but these apps also fit this purpose:

Windows: VVVV
Mac: Vuo (paid) / Quartz Composer (no longer in development / free)

Both have good examples, even with midi/osc implementation etc. Both are a visual programming environment (patching nodes to each other). They also both have quite a learning curve but very powerful for audio/visual.


Quartz has been deprecated a few years ago… wouldn‘t recommend this to be honest. As an alternative you could look into Vuo though. It‘s a bit pricey and to be honest. I couldn‘t connect to it when I tried it - but it‘s a nice approach for this kind of visual tinkering since QC is out of the game.


It’s free, still can snag it out of Xcode, people still use it, still functional, but there are compromises. (support/etc). Vuo is the same dev team, and a lot of the ideas came from Quartz, so just for free practice still can’t go wrong.

Then again, I still boot up my Amiga, and everything’s deprecated =). Ill edit the previous reply though so no one gets confused.


Nice, good stuff. Glad to hear it’s cheap as well.