Visuals for music, tips/starters!


Wow! This Critter and Guitari ETC video synth is the coolest!


the OPZ --> Unity integration looks fun


this thing looks really cool. never heard of it before. there seems to be a Etc patch for Organelle too


If you own Max4Live, checkout ZwoBotMax! :+1:


Aestesis Elektronika is a modular Live VJ Software, free download. Very interesting functions but I could not find a proper Manual or tutorial.


without spending anything this will be quite tough … here is some „free“ software:

Blender (open source) 0€ vs. Cinema 4D aprox. 1500-3000€

Editing / Compositing
DaVinci Resolve / Fusion (node based like Nuke) from BMD 0€ vs. Adobe Premiere / After Effects 20€/month

TouchDesigner 0€ (non pro - only one output and other limitations) vs. Resolume / VDMX / MadMapper >300€

The thing is: Free software either comes with limitations (for non-pro / Studio version) and or a very steep learning curve (mostly both).

Share your tunes

Or you outsource it to your 12 yo neighbor.


Are there any serious Ipad apps for these tasks?


I would add some more apps which are used by vjs:

  • Modul8
  • Unity3D


If you already own an iPad or iPhone then going down the app route is a no brainer for the cheapest way to achieve synced video to sound.

there’s also apps like Glitche that’ll created glitched videos (you self-glitch), then you could import these into a video sequencer app and cut up to your hearts content in time with the music.


I was looking up Ipad Apps. So far I found:

  • TouchVIZ
  • Wizibel
  • K Machine
  • Generate


Are these reactive to audio? I find most Ipad apps are just for filter/cutting.


K machine definitely has audio reactors


Not sure. I have to check them out. I‘m on the trip again that I have to learn max but this time because of jitter :sweat_smile:
Learning an ipad app would be the easier way to go I guess


okay, so basicly how it works with the iPad apps?
Can I stream /record Audio on the iPad via Camera connecting kit and then generate the visuals with the app … and then? Can I send the visuals to a beamer or create a .mov / .mp4 Video file incl. Music like a Music Video?


The OP-Z Unity3D stuff looks amazing.

Does anyone have experience using Unity? Is it straightforward to learn?

A bit unsure on this with the OP-Z being such a new product, but from what I’ve seen so far it looks great.


I’m glad to see Touch listed here. I began using is back in 2002 and was amazed by it then. I can only imagine how it has evolved. I should check it out again.

Touch has very sophisticated features and the output skews towards jaw dropping.


K-machine on the ipad


You can use Audacity (free daw software) to do datamoshing


We use WebGL and ThreeJS for our stuff. Have made an open source software for performing with visuals, allows sequencing, MIDI control, audio reactivity etc. If you’re savvy with code check it out :slight_smile: