Visuals for music, tips/starters!


Does anyone have any experience in doing visuals for music? I’d quite like to get into it. (Without spending… lol)

Something similar to this? I like what these guys do.


A lot of these visual effects that sync to music can be done within Max for Live if you already own it. Free ways to do something similar would be imovie and just saturate any footage with effects (wont be reactive to audio though). From what I know I dont think there are free video software that will do this.


Yeah you can learn Max, or some cinema 4d and grab assets from the net. Or you can do it the easy way and find some anime clips, slap your track on, and upload to YT.


funny. i wanted to open the same thread today


what not for free program would be recommended? is anything better than max for this job?


Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects.


Content creation Premiere / After
Music sync/ VJ - Resolume Avenue

With Avenue you can do a lot of effects like those in this video even with still image


There are hardware boxes like LZX Vidiot and Critter & Guitari have a few boxes. For software id say the most accessible one to use is Lumen or Resolume.

Can you use the Digitakt to control lights?

Ah, intertesting. Ill be sure to check them out. Thanks for the input people!


I use resolume 4 in tandem with the digitakt to do visuals. I used to just use resolume and a couple midi controllers and “play live” to do visual and stay in sync with music. But now, I can use the digitakt midi tracks to sequence resolume and it keeps everything nice and tight.




THIS? Could be fun…


I really like this thread!

This is a great video, the visuals match the audio very well.

I know it’s programmed and not synced to the music, I just enjoy the 3D visuals.


I always felt video fell short when mixed with audio. Either cheesy or off-topic footages.

Recently, I found that the OP-Z had an interesting take on it via Unity. Following it with great curiosity


Wow! This Critter and Guitari ETC video synth is the coolest!


the OPZ --> Unity integration looks fun


this thing looks really cool. never heard of it before. there seems to be a Etc patch for Organelle too


If you own Max4Live, checkout ZwoBotMax! :+1:


Aestesis Elektronika is a modular Live VJ Software, free download. Very interesting functions but I could not find a proper Manual or tutorial.


without spending anything this will be quite tough … here is some „free“ software:

Blender (open source) 0€ vs. Cinema 4D aprox. 1500-3000€

Editing / Compositing
DaVinci Resolve / Fusion (node based like Nuke) from BMD 0€ vs. Adobe Premiere / After Effects 20€/month

TouchDesigner 0€ (non pro - only one output and other limitations) vs. Resolume / VDMX / MadMapper >300€

The thing is: Free software either comes with limitations (for non-pro / Studio version) and or a very steep learning curve (mostly both).