Video Tutorial or Fan Manual?

I just realized I’ve been missing out on some features of the digitakt, either because they’re not in the manual, or the manual sections are written so archaicly I can’t decipher them. There’s things listed in the manual that don’t work as stated, and there’s button combos to menus and stuff that I know for a fact aren’t listed in the manual, that people have claimed to have discovered accidently.

I was wondering if anyone has posted video tutorials from intermediate to advanced features, unlisted features, actual features (opposed to manual misprints, or non-working features) or if anyone has or would consider taking the time to write a manual explaining these features in actual plain logical english?

Here ya go:

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wonderful exactly what I wanted thank you! Surprised I didn’t see this in the search. And it’s pinned no less. One of those things hidden in plain sight hahah.