Very basic question

Hey all,
I have been thinking about getting an Octatrack mk1 but I have had difficulty finding the answer to a particular question:
Is one able to treat each Track as a machine that can sequence and play many different samples (e.g. 1 drum for each of the 16 sequencer buttons as on the MD) ? Thats the one thing i’ve wondered about-like it appears that one could achieve multiple drum sounds by slicing a sample but i just want to know if you can load in lots of samples to be sequenced by each track.


Parts and Sample p-lock :slight_smile:


64 samples per track max (1 sample lock per step), and 64 slices per samples.
64x64=4096 max per track. Enough? :content:

128 slots for FLEX machines (RAM, 85.5MB)
128 slots forbSTATIC machines (CF card streaming, 2GB files max)


For more on sample locks for MKi, it’s at the bottom of p67 of the MKi manual:



thanks!! this is really helpful I appreciate it-finally I’m just wondering if you can record (for a sequence) the loaded-in samples in real time like on the digitakt/md? And if so what would the setup be?

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I know you can play the slices of a sliced sample (such as a drum loop) in real time. You can also play the default sample of each of the 8 tracks in real time. But sample locks is more of a manual process in grid record mode afaik. @sezare56 will have the full answer tho :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, you can use ‘slots mode’ to record in multiple samples on a single track in real time.


Definitely look into making your own sample chains (see You can use slices to get more sounds per track but even better use them to have 128 kicks/snares/etc. on hand and then scroll through them quickly with the slice select knob (you can also use the arrows to quickly audition samples on the sample select page but I prefer chains for one-shots).