VCV Rack - Open Source sample fodder for Digitakt

That makes a lot of sense.
Do it! It’s open source.

Do what I did and switch to a MS Surface, it’s better imo than an iPad in many ways and it runs VCV rack and all your VSTs (inc overbridge)


hehe I’m not the first person to think of it…
I have no programming skills whatsoever, but maybe one day somebody will make it happen

Rather than load VSTs it would have been better if VCV was updated to be its own VST

There’s already a VST bridge that provides this connectivity (only downside is that presets aren’t saved within the host app and need to be managed in VCV.

Oh cool
Does it work well?

Works great for me. I actually prefer the bridge as VCV is so monolithic I like to keep them separate. Reminds me of Numerology, which I preferred in standalone mode cf. VST mode.


Here’s a good example of VCV Host showing it used with Propellerhead Europa Synth VST

I think the idea of using VCV Host with Overbridge is great. (How about controlling the Heat with this too?)
Really great all the ways now opened to mix hardware with software modularly.

Does vcv rack have audio inputs? I’m interested in trying to use the model 15 app with the mutable modules.

yes, it does . It recognize your audio interface or you can use the ‘bridge’ option to send and receive audio from your daw


most excellent. Nice one

Thanks to Overbridge I can run Digitakt straight in to VCV. Amazing!!!

Only problem I have is that I can’t get all 12 (Digitakt) outputs to work. One Core Audio Module has 8 in 8 out, so if I add 2 Core Audio Modules set one to use (1-2) in and (1-8) out and set other to use (9-12) out VCV crashes :slight_smile:
So i have to choose if I want to use 8 digitakt tracks + output or master + input from DT with no possible output to DT.
Is there a way to route audio so i can use all tracks or atleast DT input + output to DT.
I don’t have audio interface so I’m sending 0-Coast through DT to see Scope and add mess with effects, would be cool to route it back for resampling. Thanks.

Has anyone tried out the Arp Odyssey module for VCV Rack yet?


It just gets better and better doesn’t it, I’ll give t a go later

I need to get back up on VCV. How do yall follow all the modules released?

If it helps anyone - to use all of Digitakt I/O you need to use Audio-16 from RCM modules.

Not yet, as until you posted that I didn’t know it existed; but I will be very soon!

Triggered by the discussion about MI Plaits I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d like to dip my toes in using VCVRack. Does anyone have any experience with regards to system requirements and wants to share? I plan to use a 2013 MBP i7, 16 GB RAM.

I have 2 pcs and my i5quad suffers very quickly from an ate up cpu, but the i7 goes a bit further…

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it’ll be ok , i run it on an old imac and still get usable results.
it entirely depends how much stuff you load up.

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