VCV Rack - Open Source sample fodder for Digitakt

Free and open source, thought some Digitakt users would find this useful as a sample source


I like it. But it is CPU heavy on my computer (2.3Ghz i5 - 16GB Ram) when I had a very simple patch…with no other software running.
Is it a common problem? Or did I messed up some configuration?


I have 12GB 2.4Ghz dual core i7, probably similar capability of your setup, no issues here.
I didn’t adjust any settings or anything.

A worthwhile link.

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Have the exact same issue on a MacBook Pro, the CPU hits 100% in seconds. Have tried lots of software adjustments, makes no difference.

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With 0.6., the CPU use is much improved. It seems that sample conversion was the problem before, this is a great way to do Eurorack now without the money. Here is a patch of mine that uses 18% of my CPU on a Win laptop (a fast one, but still).

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Even on the latest release, the CPU is too high, even on a maxed-out MBP. My fan goes crazy and the audio stutters all over the place if you try to do anything else on the computer. I’m very happy with Reaktor and don’t see a reason to change right now.

Direct from the creator regarding running it on a Mac, via the official facebook group (this was pre-version 0.6, but probably still applies):

10.7+ is required. A reasonable graphics card is recommended, otherwise the software renderer will kick in and consume most of your CPU. If your computer is ~5 old, the graphics card will handle most of the work and keep CPU doing mostly what it's good at: audio DSP.

SSD, RAM, and other programs running the background (assuming you have at least two cores) don’t really matter. The performance of Rack is mostly dependent on how much work your graphics card is able to offload from the CPU. If it’s “Intel Integrated graphics”, good luck.


Good info. Thanks for sharing!

I’ll stick to the wallet heavy versions :joy:

Strangely, I see little difference between integrated graphics card and dedicated pro card. The CPU use on my Windows laptop is crazy low now - a real improvement in 0.6.

Maybe it is a Mac issue.

VCV: Gateway drug into modular.

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I love VCV rack and I will definitely spend wayyy to much money buying IRL modular in the future. Gateway drug is right!

VCV is great for stacking up $1000s of dollars worth of modules for free and making music… like when are you ever going to have 6 Mutable Instruments Braids going at the same time in real life :joy:

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According to Martin Lueders, who develops modules for the VCV Rack system – Andrew Belt, the originator of VCV Rack, is working on a multicore implementation of VCV Rack (still free) which would mean a dramatic improvement in the performance of the system if achieved. Modules for VCV Rack are developed in C++ using an open source API, and runs on Windows, Macs and Linux.


Watch this video from SynthFest 2018 starting at 4:30 in.

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Loopop did a video about a module that can integrate VCV with physical versions -

VCV has added a new module VCV Host.

They add modules all the time but this one is special. It allows you to host and control VST plugins with the ‘CV’ inside of VCV Rack. This really expands the possibilities, and adds all sorts of sounds and options to VCV Rack.

Look here for details.


Just to add to that, hardware VST controllers including overbridge work in the host, so you can have modular control/sequencing etc of you electron overbridged hardware (also great with UNO VST editor!)


That’s almost my set up other than I have my ADAT soundcard output feeding 2 ES3’s so I have 16 CV outs from my computer- VCV rack is now my analog sequencer, utilities, complex waveform generators etc feeding my analog and more interesting euro racked modules….this also works perfectly with BITWIG as a DAW that has CV specific outputs and modulators to have the best of both worlds!

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This is really really cool. Is VCV still single core or did multi-core get implimented?

It’s got to be soon if not done yet. Though it’s probably a little complex to implement.

I think also slated to do is to make VCV Host VST 3.

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how I wish there was an iPad port for VCV Rack