Utilizing USB input from audio signal


Does anyone know of a product that I could use to convert a stereo audio signal so that it can be directed into the USB port on the digitone? I’m already utilizing my stereo input and want to be able to incorporate another device.

Another possibly useful function would be to be able to direct USB audio from something like a SH-01a, which I believe can only send audio into a device with USB host capabilities.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

A computer?


Trying to avoid that. Don’t have one near my setup. Yes, I’m one of those people… lol

KMI K-Mix maybe works sends audio to the computer via usb and midi via usb - midi expander.

A sub mixer is an option. I just wondered if there was a cable that would work, or some kind of simple, not too expensive adapter that could convert an audio signal into a USB signal. Most of what is out there seems to be for computers / tablets, but I wondered if it was possible.

You will need some kind of host to do the conversion. No cable I know of does this. Could be done with a RasPi, but you’d have to code it.

Here s a project that goes the other way. Not something that s done on a sunday afternoon…

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Cool little project. This could be interesting for a number of devices that multitrack over USB. I’m trying to avoid a sub mixer, but it’s looking more likely that a Bluebox is the solution.