Using VCO module and VCA alone to replace A4 DCO


Thanks for answering. I already have an OT. No problem in slaving both the Blo and the A4 with that and seqence the Blo with midi?


What @avantronica said. The best workflow is to use CV, I think.


You can do it through OT


Ok. Thanks for helping(:


I thought I better add that it’s possible to use a ext osc module such as the one I mentioned before ST E340 no probs with the AKeys by sending the CV track to the track you want to use for the OSC input.

Then you have complete control. Very nice!

I said before that the sequences need to be played separately which is NOT the case.


This thread got me motivated to attempt to use my DPO as an oscillator source for my A4. However, it is unclear if it is possible to send CV from an internal sequencer track? I’ve been able to successfully setup the system where I write a sequence on Track 1 then copy note trigs from Track 1 and paste in CV Track. However, this seems to not be a scalable solution. Is there a mechanism where I can have Track 1’s note data be sent to a specified CV? Is this process detailed somewhere?


The manual and on the forum … , but yeah, you can select which of all 6 tracks the 4 CV outs take their info from, be it gate or pitch, they needn’t even be the same track !

In the setup for each of the CV outlets you can choose the source Track

Typically you may chose CV for A and B
and Maybe FX for C and D

but A and B can both be taken from a Src = Trk1 e.g.


Thanks, wow, I’m bone headed. I kept looking in the CV definition screen, but I can clearly see it now!


Can you post a clip or at least mention your results? Curious about this exact setup.


Have people had good experiences using the sidechain feature in Overbridge for this task? Is the sync tight enough? Definitely more my price range.


I’ll try to do something soon. I’m away this weekend, but I can make a comparison recording of the DPO / A4 / and the Piston Honda Mk2 I’m borrowing.


Wait, are you asking how I set it up to receive CV from a separate track? Or for oscillator comparisons?


Yo! I play with the Graphic VCO from Erica synth routing into the A4. It’s just the perfect combination. I’m using the internal arpegio to get some kind of slicing FX. I do love the interaction between the A4& the modular world.