Using the Arranger just for keeping notes

I was doing my nightly jam session tonight (learning my Octatrack I’ve only had a few months) and something dawned on me: I can use the arranger just for keeping notes!

I’ve decided that the best way for me to make a track (personally) is to perform it without using the arranger. Moving through patterns and scenes while triggering some plays free tracks and tweaking my Virus Ti on the MIDI tracks etc…
While scenes are fine for remembering what to do with the audio tracks, the same cannot be said for MIDI tracks.

So far all I’m doing is making REM tracks and putting a loop at the end of the arranger so it doesn’t cause the pattern playing to stop. I can use a Bank/Pattern label and then make notes about what I tweaked on what track that sounded cool on what pattern. Then all I do is switch to arrangement mode to check out my notes and then switch back.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this, anybody have any good ideas to expand on this?


Yep I used it like that too. It can be used to recall tempo, if you have a bank per song in a project.

Files can be edited with a text editor.


Lol I think entering text is one of the most satisfying parts of the OT.

Thanks folks, definitely stealing this idea. I use the arranger far too little, and often find myself totally confused when reopening an old project.


This is such a great idea ! I have never thought about using the arranger just for keeping notes. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


If you use OT daily, it can be a diary too.
Great for haikus, laborious for a novel.
I began a tutorial with Arranger REM.
Not sure to finish it ! :smile:



Dear Octatrack diary,

Today I think I met the robot of my dreams!
So I wrote a haiku:

Oh Octatrack Dreams
Can we cross eternity
Together we’ll see

I’d like to see that tutorial :slight_smile:


Me too ! It’s about how to prepare 8x8 Megabreak matrix slices 100% in OT.

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I’ll be adopting this tech for sure. Thanks!