Using rytm as audio input on ableton through USB (Overbridge)

Hi, I have encountered some problems when trying to get the audio signal from my Rytm MK1 to Ableton via USB, selecting the Rytm as audio input device.

I currently dont have my soundcard but need to finish recording my rytm for a track im making. So I wanted to use the Rytm as a sound input device or external instrument just via USB, which to my knowledge is possible using Overbridge. My Rytm is currently on OS 1.31B so still compatible with Overbridge. When connecting everything it works at first, I was able to sync the machine to ableton via USB MIDI settings, adjusting the midi clock sync delay. But every 20 seconds or so either the rytm just stops playing or it looses the audio input signal and the channel goes silent. The USB config on the RYTM is set to overbridge mode and the midi options are set to MIDI/ USB.

Has anyone encountered similar problems and has advice on how to solve it, or am I doing something wrong in the setup?

Thanks in advance for the help!!