Using midi controller via Ableton

Hi folks.

Is it possible to send midi notes (chords etc) to the digitone sequencer via launchpad pro/Ableton whilst still having the DN connected to overbridge?


Yes it’s possible via the overbridge plugin, but only can record those notes or chords into The sequencer by regular midi… so yes it’s possible

Ok so you can record them via usb midi without overbridge enabled?

Can you then play them back with overbridge enabled and record the audio?

Yes you can still do everything you need while using overbridge and
when overbridge is enabled

Sorry but I’m not sure I understand. 🤷🏻

you can do everything you have asked about…
You can send notes from ableton or launchpad and record the audio via overbridge
or record the notes into the sequencer then record the audio


What I don’t understand is in the overbridge manual it says you have disable the midi out port in order to run overbridge.

So what you are saying doesn’t make sense to me.

Sorry not trying to be difficult but I’m still not clear how this is achieved.

I do this with my setup, you just send the midi from ableton to the hardware midi channel not to the overbridge plugin. You can still be in overbridge mode and have the audio routed through ableton at the same time. Just send the midi to which ever track via midi channel 1-4 or to the auto channel and it’ll send the midi to whichever track is selected on the machine. :+1:

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You don’t have to disable any midi out port to use overbridge I use it this way everyday…

Thanks man.

That seems much more straightforward.

So with this method the sequencer will record the midi?

I gave you the answer if you don’t want to listen that’s cool you don’t have to believe me

Man. I’m not trying to argue with you. No need to be like that. 🤷🏻

I didn’t understand your explanation and it’s different to what the manual says, so I was wanting clarification.

If you don’t want to help then why do so?

Sorry to have taken up any of your time.

I was trying to help you… and you ignored what I said so whatever man

Ok man. :+1:t2:

When you get the digitone come back and read this thread again man🤘

Yeah it does for me👍

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Thanks man! I’m awaiting delivery of both DT and DN so will let you know how I get on. :fist:t2:

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