Using Micro Korg XL w/ Digitakt


Hey there!

I’ve been using my Digitakt in a project to supply beats, and hooking up a Micro Korg XL via midi so I can broaden the sounds I get through Digitakt projects.

Some background on the set up, my Midi cable is connected to the Korg’s IN and going to the Digitakt’s “Sync A MIDI OUT” jack. My Trig Key DST is set to INT and everything has been working great.

My only issue has been when I try to switch between two separate MIDI tracks.

For example, one voice in a song is a bass synth (TRACK 9), and later on in the song I switch to a pad that plays chords (TRACK 10) without the bass synth. Everything is all fine and dandy until I try to switch back to Track 9. When I do that, it will play the Track 10 voice to the Track 9 pattern. So I end up having a synth pad bass line.

Does anyone know if there is a way to remedy this problem? If nothing else, I know I could simply record either of the midi tracks and put them on tracks 1-8, but I enjoy being able to edit the sounds live on my Korg while they’re playing.

Any suggestions?



Hey, this is weird indeed!

I’m not familiar at all with the Micro Korg XL, do you control those two different sounds with separate MIDI channel? Like Channel 1 = Bass and Channel 2 = Pad?

Maybe it has something to do with the order of the MIDI tracks and the way Digitakt sends data. Maybe you could try to duplicate your bass line on the Track 11 to see if the Micro Korg switch back to the bass sound when going from Track 10 to 11.

Just some thought. :slight_smile:


The Microkorg does not have a midi receive to solo each Timbre. This can only be done on the Microkorg by holding Shift and Selecting Timbre.


Hey there.

I am looking for an answer to my problem.
I have a digitakt and MicroKorg (not XL).

It is connected from digitakt (midi out) to microkorg (midi in).
My problem is, there is nothing happening. I tried alot, maybe everything.

I wanted to ask if someone can share the settings for both digitakt and microkorg (maybe also possible menu parameters that change everything). So I could find out what is wrong.

What I already checked is the cable, midi ports (program change on digitakt is working with microkorg).

Would be realy nice if someone can help. :slight_smile:


I use my microkorg classic with my Digitakt. Ensure that the midi channel on your microkorg matches the midi channel output on the midi track (on your Digitakt).