Using DT to control Ableton devices and macros via the blue hand

I know it is possible to midi assign the 8 encoders on the DT to control parameters in Live. However, I was wondering if it might be possible to set up the Dt as a control surface to take advantage of the blue hand icon to automatically map them? I understand I would have to create a user remote script but I’ve never done this before. Has anyone any experience doing this, especially with the DT?

i’ve made one if you want to give it a try

Hey, I would be keen to try please.

Here’s an Ableton Live user remote script for automapping with the DT.
It will automap (or ‘bluehand’) with the 8 macros of any Instrument/FX racks.
It doesn’t have control over Live’s device banks (no extra cc midi controls available on DT) (2.4 KB)


  • Unzip the attached file and place the ‘Digitakt’ folder inside your home folder’s Preferences/Ableton/Live X.X.X/User Remote Scripts folder
  • Launch Live, open Prefs and select Digitakt as a Control Surface. Set the Input to Digitakt (Elektron MIDI) and leave Output set to None (see pic - shows as ‘Analog Keys’ but should be ‘Digitakt’).
  • Select Track 16 (MIDI H) on the DT and enable the encoders by func+press-clicking them

You should now be able to control your racks.


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