Using Cue outputs and guitar effects pedals

If you’re even slightly handy with a soldering iron it’s pretty trivial to build a passive reamp box for under $20usd (well under depending on how you design it). I built one of these a while back and it sounds great but I’d recommend simplifying it even more. For me, the lowe output, inductorless mode that the article says bhaves more like a single coil pickup has been mostly useless and if I were going to do it again I’d eliminate that altogether, which means one less resistor and sitch. Between that and using 1/4" jacks instead of XLR the cost is really low, I think the transformer was around $8 and that’s by far th most expensive part.

Some pedals, especially older designs from the 60s and 70s, tend to sound quite a bit different depending on how they’re loaded, so something like this can make a big difference. For other pedals it hardly matters at all. No idea if it would be worth pairing it with a passive DI for the return into the OT but probably not unless you luck in to a free transformer - unlike a passive reamp, a passive DI pretty much requires a high quality, shielded, expensive transformer to actually be usable so even DIY you’re looking at $100+ for the transformer alone (but that’s more or less the full cost, since a passive DI is literally just a suitable transformer wired up to a pair of jacks an stuck inside a grounded metal enclosure - they sound great and are easy to build but probably not something you’d need in this case, they’re more for situations where you want to get a really nice DI bass sound or something).

The DIY reamp I swear by, though,


I have a bunch of guitar FX pedals that I want to use with my OT. How would I set up the OT to use these?

plug the audio out into the pedal?


Follow the instructions that Elektron provides in the “Octatrack with external effects” set up example in the OT manual. You can disregard the text about the external synths.


Thanks Peter, I will try that.

no problem :+1:

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I tested the cue out trick with our Ghost Fax, which doesn’t have high headroom by any means, and it worked nicely.

It was a very quick functionality test, and I don’t remember what the audio was, so your mileage may vary. Anyway, it’s not like a pedal will explode if you exceed it’s headroom. Give it a shot.

Can you record pedal fx you make in a session or can u only “cue” it?

I use iPad as fx and focusrite 2i4 :sunglasses:sonic mayhem


Exact same. Plus a Strymon Deco before it goes back in. So fun.

Adding a Zoia soon. :comet:

I’ll see @cuckoomusic demo it today in SynthFest (Nantes, France)! :slight_smile:
I’m with @LyingDalai demoing some Elektron machines. :wink:


Interested in the ipad for fx here. Is this using something like aum? Cheers

Wow that’s too much talent in one place.

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For me the cues are on the zoom input. Thats given an AUM channel which is then routed all over the place.


Audiobus 3 and Turnado and someday AUM. Fresh Octa user, trying to keep it simpel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Definitely. @LyingDalai also had it with him today ! Totally convinced.


You with a Zoia.



Yep, @sezare56´s creative mind focused on ZOIA is an exciting idea, exactly what I told him this afternoon :smile:


Bit of an old quote, but thanks for mentioning this! I’m looking at the Source Audio AfterShock Bass Distortion. I checked the manual and it indeed accepts line-level, so I won’t have to get a reamp. Nice. It also outputs low impedance, so I guess just turning the input gain on the OT up a bit will be sufficient.