Using a mere human as a sequencer for the AR


two guys, drums, triggers, samples and Elektron.
no sequencer running other than Peđa (the drummer)
we have recorded some clips from our rehearsals, here is the playlist

still working on it, have landed some gigs and are preparing for them, while recording the process.
having no click is kinda liberating, the natural fluctuations of a drummer not appearing in modern music much. hope someone likes it! :smiley:




this is awesome, I’d totally go to your gigs XD

(where u giggin’?)


Hell yeah. I’d go to your show.

Share more when you can.


Serbia atm, will try to land some international ones, as soon as we have more material and practice sessions behind us. Thanks for the kind words!
Will record and upload more stuff for sure :grin:


Very cool! The drummer has a really nice vibe


Seriously funky!


enjoyed all the clips…where’re the others? :smile_cat:


here’s a fresh one!
This time with a little help from our friend, Marvin


here is an another video, playing some techno this time


to brate!!! :slight_smile:


moar rehears!
this time around, summer vibes, with the help of a couple of sequencers.


this is so refreshing and great!!!
What are you using the two footswitches for? I see you are using it for the kick… is that straight into CV in on the rytm?


Thanks man!
They’re expression pedals :grin:
One goes into the AR control input, the other into h9 expression input. It’s helping me get more complex modulations of stuff, two extra limbs doing something to the sound. Too much gear for only two hands to manage. And it’s a blast!


looks and sounds great you guys are really inspiring thanks for posting!!


here is one with a little help from our hemp and sex loving friend


live dnb jam over an acapella this time around, no video :slight_smile:


more snoop dogg, sequences from d05 and AS1