Using 2 DTs as synced 'decks' and the associated headaches


ERM multiclock does this well…I have one.


Yeah, it looks like the right one, for sure. I’m going to try and avoid buying one for the time being, though, and just mix them manually.


it would be cool if Elektron implemented a remote midi note trigger on a Global channel or something so the DT could be re-trigged to start playing again (after the new project fully loads) in response to a midi note from the other DT.


+1 for ERM multi-clock, has been a game changer for my live show!!


also +1 for mixing manually, nothing better then the tension and release of two tracks being slightly pulled back and forth in time with each other :smiley:


just reading the promo-blurb of the ERM multi-clock and loving it …

“also your tape machine can be back in the game: simply record a 24ppq loop of our sync sample to one track, connect the tape machine to the multiclock Audio In and be in sync!”

a vague hazy dream to record Machinedrum and Octatrack to 8 track reel-to-reel is now a very real possibility … with synchronised overdubs! :joy:



ERM syncs well via audio clock pulse from ableton live.

My only issue with it is when Live is using “Ableton Link”. Ableton link adds a jitter to the audio stream which throws it out. Rock solid other wise.


Or if would just sync to the clock (which is still there) when pressing play…or even a func+play or something.


Yeah - I wonder how easy that would actually be to put in a software update, or whether it’s not easy at all and would require a redesign of the machine? Anyway, that’s what we need!


Until then just fill all 128 patterns on each box and you can jam for a while without having to switch projects. This is how I would use it anyway if I had a DT.


Yeeeah - not that keen on that system, to be honest. I can imagine that becoming confusing in a live set situation - remembering what’s in all the patterns etc.

I much prefer the idea of a project per song. Keeps it easy to manage, for me anyway :slight_smile:


That system is how elektron intended the box to be used…

I use 4 patterns per song on my boxes…works well. On DT that would be 32 songs without haivng to load. Just name the patterns on DT or use a notepad. youll be cueing up like a dj anyways so easy to double check in headphones before mixin in…A bit of a hassle having to load projects all the time IMO.

But each to ther own…no rules in this game:wink:


Just get some pen and paper and create s cheat sheet :slight_smile:


Yeah, I see what you’re saying. That’s definitely got me thinking, because I don’t use many patterns per song. Dunno, guess I’ll have to try both systems out and see which one works. Thanks for the ideas.


Your welcome…enjoy :wink:


Yeap max 4 patterns per groove here as well. I stuff about 16 grooves or more within 1 project because of the sample max of 127, but I do like to create new grooves with those samples as I go as well.

I do actually switch to a new project sometimes when I’m going on for longer. Only thing I need to do then is hit stop + play simultaneously (stop a milo sec sooner) in time on the box that at that moment acts as master to start the other one in time as well. Not a big deal and only needs to be done once or twice :slight_smile:


16 grooves per box will last a reasonable time before a reload necessary…