Use USB audio while using Focusrite Interface

EDIT : thanks everyone. Overbridge was the answer!
Is there a way to use the USB audio from Digitone while also using a separate Focusrite Interface?
I have the DT synced to Ableton’s clock but am trying to eliminate the line audio connection. Might not be possible as I can only select one USB device in Ableton but just wanted to make sure.

Overbridge will work alongside your Focusrite. I’ve got a Focusrite for my other synths in Ableton and my Elektron boxes work via overbridge.

@jxsh What OS on the computer?

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Windows 10

I guess it’s time to get Overbridge! I thought this might work without it.


On windows it is possible (but not in my experience fun or easy) to get multiple sound cards working together with either ASIO4ALL or Jack. Perhaps worth looking into. Or, as you mentioned, Overbridge.


Jack looked like an absolute ball ache, there were about 3 bits of software for the driver.

Hey thanks everyone for your answers. Overbridge solved my problems. Running my DT synced to Ableton with separate tracks for each instrument. It’s a real joy to use alongside Push 2 for live jamming.