Use rytm to mute Octatrack

I am thinking about use pad 1-4 on Rytm to mute the track 1-4 on OT, is that possible? and how to set that?
is anyone can help thanks!


Not possible, unless you use an additional midi processor. Doesn’t seem practical anyway, I’d rather use OT Quick Mute mode, or a midi controller that would control AR and OT mutes.

ok thanks man!

if i set rytm to mute mode internal and extrernal, i can mute the tracks of my a4, which is connected via midi, with the rytm pads.

but i dont know, what midi command is sent by this, and if it is useful for the octatrack… you can check the manuals of ryrm and ot, the midi commands are listed there…

for ar and a4 many of them match, maybe also for ot?

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A4 / AR mutes : CC94
OT mutes : CC49


A4 yes, I come up with these situation, that’s why I ask if it also works with OT.

I will try Thanks again