USB out on Model Samples doesn’t work at all

Hi guys, I have 2 days now my brand new Model Samples, and I want to load some of my own samples into it, but its usb connection doesn’t work at all. Initially I tried to load some samples through the Sysex tool by Electron, but my pc it pops out the indication ‘’could not allocate midi out port’’. After that I opened Ableton to see if the usb it works, I went into preferences and Ableton recognize the Model Samples, so I putted the Model Samples as my main controller, and still nothing the unit doesn’t transmit any midi information at all. I repeated the same process with my FL Studio DAW, and nothing, even though in the midi settings the FL studio recognize the device.

After that, I connected the Model Samples Midi DIN out to my computer usb, I have an interface for that purpose, I opened Ableton and the FL and still nothing, no midi information at all.

So, now I’m just thinking am I missing something, or is my unit defected? But, if the usb connection is broken then why my DAWs recognize the Model Sample through its usb connection?…

Maybe I have to adjust some settings on the Model Samples?

Please guys help…

Sounds like three separate issues:

  1. “Could not allocate MIDI out port” usually pops up in C6 when the device is being used by another program. Make sure you don’t have FL or Ableton or maybe even a web browser open that could be connected to the model:samples MIDI port.
  2. Sounds like you’re trying to use C6 to send samples via sysex? I don’t think that’s going to work. You’ll have to use the Transfer program.
  3. No MIDI I/O from USB nor DIN suggests you need to check all the MIDI config settings in the M:S. Definitely check the manual. Also search the manual for “mout.”

Thank you. I will try to see the settings on Model Samples.