USB Midi Thru routing

So after the recent update is it now possible to use USB port as a USB Midi thru bridge?

Basically I’d like to control eurorack modules with OT but I have Expert Sleepers FH-2 which has USB instead of standard DIN in. I was thinking if this sort of routing is possible:

OT configured with cc8 Midi Out ch16 -> Analog Four Midi In
A4 USB Out -> Expert Sleepers FH-2 USB in
Es FH-2 midi ch16 cc8 -> some module modulation CV in

Is it possible to use A4 as MIDI thru bridge via USB?

Nothing changed in the update along these lines. So there’s definitely no soft thru between DIN and USB. You could even use a simple $10 - $20 DIN to USB device assuming the FH2 can be a Host and cut out the A4 altogether

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I have an Expert Sleepers FH1 connected to my Digitakt and control all 8 cv outs from 1 MIDI channel of the DT over 5 pin DIN…just sending CCs for automation and LFO, note data is filtered out as that is taken care of by my Beat Step Pro.

But (i did have to edit the scripts, though I’m not sure that is necessary with the FH2 from what I have read).

I purchased an iconnect midi2 to sit in the middle and convert the 5 pin DIN to USB and it works perfectly. The usb out on the DT works plugged in direct, but I wanted that for OB…so I bought the iconnect and it’s flawless.

Pretty sure the OT scenario would be the same over 5 pin DIN… You could try a converter cable as above, but I have had a couple that were useless and gated the midi data…? But that may have been driver related who knows.

Saying that it depends on what you want to achieve. If it is just note data then the A4 could send 4 channels of just pitch and gate straight out from usb. Even the performance knobs can send a value that the FH2 can convert but they have fixed CCs and unlike the OT are not automatable with locks or lfos like you would want. It depends on what you want I guess. And the cv outs could do automation locks anyway???

Fellow Naught uses a DT on a FH1 here…and a simple key step…

He is an octa user and has moved to the FH2, maybe for a beer or patreon donation you could ask him on his YouTube channel?


true, ultra cheap can backfire, usually when it’s choked up.

This is sort of good information for me as I could then map those performance knobs to another midi controller, however how I can set them up to send a CC value over USB?

the device will send CC (if enabled and not configured as NRPN) only when a knob is twisted - it can’t be sequenced and it will change the sound of teh parameter on teh A4

I can see no practical use for this ability whatsoever, except for perhaps using the unconnected performance macros (if they even send CC, doubt it), the CC assignment for a given parameter knob is fixed

This isn’t really anything like the use cases with the OT - being able to Sequence Notes is all that is added

You should look for other ways to solve the MIDI routing or sequencing, but I don’t think the A4 is going to be part of your answer here

I guess you are using the CV out of the A4 already, you won’t get much better than that tbh !


Yeh OT midi out and cv out of the A4 would be the killer combo. The A4 parameter outs would just be so static…

The A4 does send midi performance out, when Elektron announced the sequencer out the first thing I did was try every synth I had. And when I connected an EMU xl1 I turned the 5th knob (E I think) and by coincidence the CC value lined up with the filter cutoff of the EMU. So I could tweek the EMU to my delight from the A4, but not automate or plock…it got boring…i could have just reached the extra 30cm for the dedicated knob on the front of the EMU…nothing as interesting as when the DT was controlling 8 values of automated plocks on every step…

But who knows what you have going on in your modular rig, maybe note value, note trig and 6 of the performance outs would be fun for days?

Here in the manual…set Midi to include usb out, and the performance out to CC…

The CC out numbers are listed in the manual appendix from memory.

Let me know how you get on.

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Thanks. The reason why doing this its because you can for example assign performance knobs CC to USB midi/cv converter and route it into cv inputs of some eurorack module for control. AND afterwards, Octatrack can also be used to control performance knobs (via standard MIDI DIN) which will give you ability for plocking the performance knobs directly on OT.

I wish OT could send MIDI over USB like Digitakt does, it would be less hussle as DT can be connected directly to FH-2 with USB to send MIDI cc so the steps with assigning performance knobs to cc could be avoided