USB audio and external mixer page

After a few years break, I bought a Digitakt again. Many things I missed are finally available, especially scale per track, class-compliant audio/MIDI and the external mixer page. This alone has given the Digitakt an enormous amount of new possibilities :+1:

However, currently I’m stuck on one problem: I want to route a synth sound from the iPad through the Digitakt’s effects. The audio and MIDI connection over class-compliant USB works great. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to process the incoming USB audio signal via the external mixer page. Apparently this page only affects the two line inputs.

Is that possible at all? Any ideas what to do? Thanks!

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I think you would have to run the iPad into the DT inputs. I’m new to to DT but seems like the USB audio doesn’t relate to the mixer page.

Edit: iPad has a whole heap of good fx apps though, you can even route the Digitakt tracks into the iPad for processing, whilst hosting the iPad audio.

That’s exactly the question.The information in the manual only refers to the two analog inputs. The most I can imagine is that you have to change something in the settings.

The settings only seem to have a volume setting for the incoming USB audio. Definitely would be cool if you could send the USB to the mixer page. Maybe I’ve just missed something too.

I sometimes use a Korg plugkey with iPad. It’s cheap and gives you midi in and audio out (but not the other way around). Would suit this use case perfectly.

My old iPad Pro even still has an audio output. That is not the problem. However, I would like to keep the option open to connect a hardware synthesizer to the analog inputs.

On the monitoring section of the sampling page you can select USB as audio input. So it would be logical to offer this setting in the external mixer page as well. Maybe Elektron simply forgot to implement this :wink:

In the end, it’s not really a limitation for me either.

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it would definitely be nice to have, might be a hardware limitation or something though.

I would really like to be able to route the USB midi to the actual midi sockets too, that’s also independent.

I have an iPad connected via USB to my Digitakt full time in my setup. I have also run another iPad with 3.5mm out through the Digitakt physical inputs.
I much prefer the USB route using AUM to both affect the iPad apps with a far greater range of effect (both in scope and quality) and being able to affect the DT’s internal audio with the same effects.
This also keeps the DT’s physical inputs open for other gear such as synths, guitar/bass, etc.