USA FS/T: Custom 9U Make Noise Modular

Selling my 9U Make Noise Music eurorack modular sythnesizer system. Looking to move it as a single unit. Original owner. All modules purchased new direct from Make Noise and/or Vintage King. Custom canarywood Enclosure by Goike.


Everything here:

  • Custom low-profile canarywood case designed and built by Goike. 3 rows at 104hp. Intellijel Triple bus board and PSU.

  • DPO

  • Echophon

  • Rosie

  • FXDf

  • LXD

  • RxMx

  • Maths (2 of these)

  • ModDemix

  • Telharmonic

  • Richter Wogglebug

  • Tempi

  • Teleplexer

  • ErbeVerb

  • MMG

  • Optomix

  • Brains

  • Pressure Points (2 of these)

  • Mult (2 of these)

  • QuBit Mult

All Make Noise modules have their boxes.

0-Coast is not included.

$4000 OBO.
Open to offers. As far as trades go, I’m interested in:
an Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline,
a Digitakt,
DSI Prophet 12 Module…

Not looking to sell the modules individually.

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Does it come with the Rene?

No, René. Only the modules listed in the post.

If you change your mind I will buy the tempi + dpo + maths.

still available ?

It’s a great system and a fantastic price, but it might be worth showing a picture of it with only the actual modules you are including.

Apologies, you have at the top.


@Ted Curious if there’s any particular reason you are parting with it. Moving away from modular?

Must say, the system was beautifully put together in that case.

@farout Thanks. Just looking to pay a couple of bills off. Will get another system at some point soon after.

Yes, it is.

Modules sold.