USA Based Synth Repair Shop


Looking for a spot to clean up my 909. Been putting it off for too long now. Can anyone recommend a good shop based in the USA? I’m located on the east coast, but would be willing to ship west, based upon quality of work. The place I last used was in NYC apparently, and apparently they closed doors in 2016. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I’ve used Wells Electronics out of Orlando. I’ve found them to be reasonable and highly competent for repairs on anything from discrete electronics to modern samplers. They are the kind of shop that completes the repair job with better than OEM components if possible.


Switched On in Austin is well regarded. I use Innermuze in the Detroit area - Jay Beste does really good work (the company is pretty much just him) and I believe he does some long distance repairs.

Since you’re in NYC you could check out Three Wave Music in Hawthorne, NJ - not that far from you. They also have a good reputation.


I can definitely vouch for Switched On. I used to live in Austin and practically lived at that place. They do all sorts of repair work but can be a little slow depending on how big the queue is.


Thanks for the heads-up… I’m in FL and have a SY22 that needs attention.


Call a few times after you drop off your SY. They have a tendency to delay unless they get that you have a sense of urgency. Years of working for deadbeat musicians will do that to you. :wink:


I believe there’s a place called Belltone works in Philadelphia.


I go to Thesis Audio in Wichita when there’s something I can’t or don’t want to work on myself. Good rates and really rapid turnaround. He’s fixed things I never thought would work again.