(US) Ableton Push 2 & Decksaver $635


I rarely use this and I could use the money. I have never gigged this thing. Super duper condition

Message me with any questions


How many monies?


Oh shoot! I forgot. I’m asking $650 for both + shipping & paypal

Edit: thanks


Price drop bump


Good price on those…


Thanks! I’m trying!

When I get a chance I want to redo the picture so it doesn’t look like it came out of a snuff film :smiley:

In my defense, I do hear things not see things


Bump! Updated the picture to looks less scary and less ominous. I can assure you 100% that this thing is NOT haunted.


I’m curious of the original pics now


Just something quick to fulfill the necessary requirements- I took it and was like “oh boy that is awful…well…here we go…”


That’s one of them Dark Webs isn’t it?


Right?! It looks sketchy as heck! I can’t put my finger on what message that picture sends, but it’s definitely not good.

But here at Ryan Inc we’ve recognized the problem with our method and made swift problems to correct it.

Ryan Inc: The seller you can trust(please buy my thing)



Lol very easy sale, if I hadn’t just invested in a squarp I would consider.


The squarp is a lot of fun! Loads of potential! You’re going to really enjoy it.

Last time I played with one I wasn’t happy with the method of controlling CCs, but as far as the musical element of midi goes, it’s tops!

My alternate reality self appreciates your consideration, tho!




Edit: I didn’t know you couldn’t have more than 3 consecutive replies on a thread. That’s going to make selling gear on the forum difficult…


Bump …


God bless you, my friend


Out of curiosity: are you selling the Push 2 because you don’t really use Ableton anymore, or is it because the controller doesn’t serve a purpose for you at this point in time?


I got it because I wanted to try to work exclusively ITB, but I keep gravitating to OTB music making.

Thank you


Welcome to Elektronauts. (Ack ack ack ) :joy:

Bump for this sales offer