Upgrading the Digi OS through USB


hey everyone! just received my digitakt and wanted to upgrade it to the latest OS.

the thing is, I am unable to drag and drop the Digitakt_OS1.03.syx file to the Transfer app (it is connected, says “Drop files here”). I am also unable to find the file through Transfer browser (it shows only audio files).

I am connected through USB cable added to the Digi. what am I missing here? help!

PS. I don’t have a MIDI cable to use the second upgrade solution.
searched the forum for solution but there is not any I suppose.
thank you in advance for any help!


did you set the Digitakt up to receive the upgrade
in the setting menu?


Are you sure you are in the right user path when using the transfer browser? You know, sometimes stuff is under another user.

Umm, i was missing today to select the corresponding machines in the selection, be sure to select the digiakt, otherwise it will not update / yea and also put the digi on recieve.


Yes, I actually managed to do that following other user instructions and using the C6 app instead on Transfer.
Can I somehow delete this thread? It is not needed anymore.
Thank you for the reply though, cheers!


Didn’t think Transfer app can be used for OS upgrade. C6 is the way !



Try dragging the file to your desktop first, then drag and drop it into C6. That’s how I have to do it.


Did you succeed? I have the same problem with my PC, but it did not recognize the digitatk in usb.


What Windows are you running? I am on Windows7 and it didn’t recognize the Digitakt the first time. I just powered off the Digi and switched it back on (after a minute) and it picked it up right away. And then there’s Transfer, which was another glitch to contend with because as soon as I select the MIDI In as Digitakt, right away begins the update before I can select the MIDI Out as Digitakt and I’ll get errors, so workaround for that is select MIDI Out as Digitakt first, and then select MIDI In. So far, its been gravy, I’m up to 1.04 man.


Same as you!
Now it’s okay.I’am in!


OS upgrade through the USB cable work in C6 and Sample transferring works with USB with the Elektron Transfer application. I imagine this will probably not really change until overbridge support.


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