Update on swing per track?

Hi guys,

This is an ever coming back question, and I ask it since the new update is now out and I cant find information on it in the update list (so it probably hasnt been implemented). The annoying thing with the global swing is that it puts the swing on everything, hence also on the kick, which is a no-go in most scenarios. Although I like the digitakt., in my workflow it s a dealbreaker for both live and studio sessions. swing is super important, but it s as important to NOT have it on the kick.

Any news on this situation?

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Welcome to the forum. There’s no update to the swing settings. Btw, it can be set per pattern if you like, but not per track. But as the swing only affects the ‘and’ notes, I don’t see a problem having it on the kick too. This is assuming you’re doing four-to-the-floor stuff of course. Swinging the kick for other styles like hip hop works well imo.


You could also experiment with microtiming the kick “back” into place as it were.


Isnt the swing on even 16th notes (at least in 4/4)? Not trying to be a smartass…


Thanks Dave, yes that s true. until now I m doing the opposite - microtiming everything else. which is a pain :slight_smile:

thanks craig. sorry for being ignorant, what do you mean by " ‘and’ notes"?

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: But thinking about it, @Epoxy’s way of putting it is far more correct than my attempt

Yep, spot on :+1:

MD is much more versatile when it comes to Swing (per Trig, per Track, global amount). I wish it was like that on DT.

Swing per per track would be a nice-to-have but, as many people already stated, the kick is not affected if it’s sitting in the usual place in 4/4 pattern.

Test it out: solo the kick and adjust swing to the max, there’s no change.

However it IS affected if you have turned the scale down for that track. Say your kick track is one page of quarter notes looping (instead of sixteenth notes). IIRC all the even numbered quarter notes will now be affected by the pattern’s swing. Not a terrible thing (although I find it not useful), but something to be aware of.