Update Machinedrum without Midi USB Interface

Hey Folks,

does anybody know wether it’s possible to update the machinedrum via the octatrack or rytm mk2? i dont own any midi to usb interface and tried to connect midi thru of my rytm with the MDs midi in, but it seems no sysex files come through. is it possible to manage an update somehow this way?
the rytm also is able to send sysex from the menu, but i cant find the MD update sysex in the rytms structure.
maybe the octatrack is able to send sysex files from its CF card?

any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance, and stay healthy these days

cheers, rawghy

It is not.

It is not.

You will need a MIDI-USB interface of some type.

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ok, you seem to be quite certain about that.
it looks like i have to order one via amazon just to send it back after the update :confused:

is it worth to update to custom OS projects with an sps1 mk1 or do only uw units profit from those ?

@PeterHanes thanks a lot!

Or ask a friend who does have it

maybe buy it back again in 3 months when you need to backup your MD :zonked:
etc …

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i am not much of an backup guy, actually never did this for any of my machines, but you may be right. i just got one interface cable for 15€, will give it a go.
might be handy on some point… :wink:

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i’ve done an OS upgrade with another MD!

if someones MD has been updated you can hook both together and transfer the OS update this way.



yeah i’ve seen this is possible, but sadly i do not own a second unit (or even know someone who does).
cable arrived today, but on the first try the MD hung up while updating (or is it normal for it to “freeze” on the last digits?)

did anyone try OS 1.71 on an non-UW MKI? Does the box even benefit from this update?

SysExual intercourse…

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careful! someone might flag this as porn :wink:

The new features are described in another topic on the forum:

thanks mate!