Update including more filter types?


Has there been news about this? I’m really missing a band pass or different pole hp filter. The dt feels a little too rigid as far as sound design and filters are such a huge part of that imo so I’m mulling buying an Octatrack instead.

Certainly would like the base width just transferred over from dtone with its own envelope. The Digitakt doesn’t need much though!


I wouldn’t hold my breath.


I’d get an octa!


Would you be able to tell me if the 2 stereo inputs can function as 4 mono inputs?


On Octatrack? Yes. You can have have 2 stereo ins, 4 mono ins, or 1 stereo 2 mono.


The only workaround I know in box is to resample. Set the LPF, resample, then set the HPF or vice versa.


Zero news.


This was hinted at in the Sonic Lab introduction by Cenk. It seems simple enough to implement considering other devices have it, but here we are over a year later.


This is entirely my opinion …

Sonic lab presentations are adverts , if there is ever anything asked , any good rep/salesman won’t say no , they’ll Hint that things are being worked on , which I’m sure is the case , but ‘things’ can mean anything . The idea of improvements ‘in the future’ is quite powerful when buying something and the promise of ‘even more potential just around the corner’

You’ll very very rarely hear ‘no , we will not do that ‘ and they won’t discuss things that are broken .
If something were to break during the demo , it’ll get edited out. ( midi sequencing was often skipped over as it took months after release to be stable enough to use)

Imo, unless it appears in an update or in writing / text from an official elektron announcement , I wouldn’t expect anything and either work with what it can do , or find another way .

Other devices having it is shouldn’t imply it’ll appear somewhere else no matter who similar things seem to be on the surface.


Love Nick!
But yea, this is totally true. Just because it’s done in an approachable manner, doesn’t mean that Sonic Lab promos and similar (YouTube) content isn’t marketing.

The closest thing to truth in vids like this is when they do showfloor interviews which tend to be more ‘real’.
I’m not saying that the content creators don’t want to give their viewers the truth, but usually aren’t really allowed to - see Bo Beats’ latest London trip vid with the waste of time conversation where he and Cuckoo discuss ‘something’ new from Novation.


I’ve just rewatched one of the s0nic state vids , it’s not as ‘fake’ as my previous comment might imply , I don’t feel that cent was trying to be deliberately vague and his demo doesn’t look too carefully planned as to avoid some of the pitfalls from around that period , I’m sure he , like people here , ask for more things and if he’s told they’re working on it , he believes them in good faith.
For all we know they worked on them but they were not good enough (eg filters ) , we’ll only know if they ever appear
I do like my digitakt

I’ve worked with teams on things that have been presented in similar ways , there is an element of smoke and mirrors to them too.

That ‘waste of time’ novation chat has been a good way to get interest in something that hasn’t been announced , a cheap win for bo , cuckoo , novation and the taxi driver.


And possibly Brick Lane Bagels! Yum.

With the emphasis on cheap.
Why build up the fact that he (Bo) can’t say anything about it, then go on to talk about it alone and purposefully speed up/ self censor before going on to a vague chat - which I understand was slightly tongue in cheek.
Doesn’t really make sense to me. If you can’t talk about something, don’t talk about it.

But hey, here I am talking about someone not talking about something, so yea, a ‘win’, right?


Is it what I was hoping it would be? (the answer to all my beatmaking/sequencing/sampling needs that would allow me to go DAWless?) no. And it never will be. And I don’t believe OB is happening. So there is that. But still, Digitakt is an impressive device, and it’s enhanced my compositions beyond what the equipment I was using before could handle, and made live sets a bit more practical. Not really sure what I’d use a bandpass EQ for anyway, though hey if they add it great.


Resampling is a cool trick…good call!
I remember waffling on the Digitakt partly due to the countless forum posts about what it can’t do or doesn’t offer. But I kept seeing/hearing all these awesome YouTube clips of people doing incredible stuff on em. Really glad I got one. Never had so much fun making music on any other groovebox. The OT is starting to get more fun as I learn it a little better each day, but the DT was a ball from day one


No doubt. With this machine resampling is a great tool. (and terrifically simple) I never use it because I’m not accustomed to that way of working, (despite having started my recording adventures on cassette fourtrack, where you’d ping pong everything) but it really unlocks the sound design capabilities of the instrument. Because I have a full studio at my arsenal I don’t use resampling much, but one day, when I sell everything, I’ll keep the DT.


My top desire for the DT is for it to have the base width filter from the DN. A close second desire is for the DT to have a second LFO like the DN. I honestly think the DT needs these things WAY more than the DN ever did.

I have attempted reseampling on the DT to have more control over filtering but, for some reason, it has never worked out. I have never been pleased with the results. The fact that file management on the DT is painful does not help this technique.

An often overlooked aspect when comparing the DT and DN is that the DN has twice the processing power of the DT. I get a feeling that Elektron can not implement all of features they want to implement on the DT due to processing constraints. Hopefully this is rectified with the DT MKII.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the DT. It is my second favorite instrument (next to the DN). I love most of the limitations, but when you pin it up next to the – near perfect IMO – DN, the DT’s shortcoming start to show.

And I really do think the DN is near perfect. It has replaced my Microbrute, Monologue, Miniglogue, and Rev 2, which are all great synths in their own right, but can not touch the sound or the workflow of the DN, at least for me.


And I don’t believe OB is happening.

I am in the beta test program and OB is very real.


I’m in the same boat. It’s hard to get the mix right with the limited filter options. Resampling is not that useful cause i often want to change the filtering later or during the song as an effect. I really miss the bandpass filter of AR or that second filter of Digitone. Is my only option go back to Octatrack? Would feel a bit overkill for just a filter. Any other suggestions?


Well these days you can work in overbridge and mix tracks individually including applying filters and eq from your daw.


True, but I’d still have to resample the sound in for gig purposes