Unusual Dub Techno

More dub than techno, but innovative and beautiful, me thinks.


textures :ok_hand:




Great great posts in here so far. Hope this thread maintains an even paced trickle of interesting tracks over time. I want to understand why this genre is so poo-pooed.

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In one interview he said he’s inspired by ambient and dub techno but yea it’s more deep, ambient, hypnotic techno(italian, northen techno). I dont’t have dub techno feeling but love his tracks.

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Whooaaa, that’s lovely. :sparkles:

Something i put together some years back, unusual enough? I dunno


I didn’t realize this genre was so pooh-poohed? I am a relatively recent newcomer to it and find that the blending of my favorite elements of dark-ish house and gritty Scientist dubs is just so fascinating.

Can’t believe RDJ as caustic window has a dub entry! How did I miss this?


1990! might sound less unusual referenced amongst all the derivatives that came after, but one of the first, most out there, primal and deepest. on a huge PA this ones vast.

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I don’t know how unusual it is but I love how this track has that same vibe and slow progression without resorting to typical dub cliches.

Reminds me a bit of Polar Inertia:

That’s incredibly good music. Thanks!
Vol. 2 is great as well, and Vol. 3 is about to be released!

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this is pretty amazing

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I’ve grabbed all the LPs. Been obsessed with the project. The first cassette release in 2013 was wiped from the internet for a while but was recently uploaded here:

Scooped this uon album up last bandcamp friday:

I’d recommend everything on west mineral/3XL/motion ward.


Loving this :alien:

I love both of these. It’s true that the West Mineral/Motion Ward catalogue is amazing. A new Pendant album just came out too.

One of my favs :


A little electro-ish which makes it appear detroit-ish in vibe

A little tech housy, but that just gives it some groove :slight_smile:

More in the vein of your typical more ambient dub techno sound, but yet still atypical :man_shrugging:

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Oscar Mulero has a more dark sound to his music, but I would still consider A track like this as dub techno

Lulu Rouge is a danish duo doing electronica with their past works having a clear dubby influence and a melancolic vibe to it. They’ve also worked with several great sounding vocalists

Helly Larson is sadly not with us anymore, and this is a tribute remix by Nadja Lind. I’m guessing that the very interesting breaky part starting after the middle part is hers :slight_smile:

Now I’ll just wait for someone else to post, so that I can post some more. I have a whole list of unusual dub techno coming :slight_smile: