Unread topics / mark topics read

Am I missing something, or did the unread topics markers (the red dots next to each subform) and the “mark forum read” button (within each forum) disappear in the past 24 hours?

I hope they will be reinstated, both were very useful.

On a related note, I think a “mark all topics read” button should also be added to the page where we can view all the latest forum activity in all subforums. It would save time to mark the entire forum read at once if we desire.

Yes please, Mark All Topics is something I use almost everytime I visit a forum. Would be very nice.

I agree a read button for subforum is very useful.
Click at the end of the day and coming back the day later show the forum that has new post.

Thx for the feedback! We’ll see what we can do for the next update of Elektronauts.

Please put this feature back in – it was there in the test phase so I don’t know why it wouldn’t be put back in.


I really need this. As I posted here, I mistakenly tracked an entire category, and after untracking it, every single thread in that category pops up numbers in blue showing the count of posts I haven’t read and numbers in gray showing the old posts I haven’t read. Marking the category as “normal,” instead of “tracking” doesn’t change the popped up annoyance that are now all over the place in my most frequently read forum–that’a a ton of spam constantly in my face. Please don’t tell me the only way to clear this mess is to abandon my login ID.