Uneven pad response

Hi all! I just got a Model:Cycles in today and I noticed that the T6 pad is noticeably harder to get a response from than the other five. It’s enough that real-time jamming is pretty tough, although I wouldn’t say the response of any of them is particularly good.

Have other folks found that theirs are all equal? I’m debating a return or exchange. Cheers!

Hello, and congrats on your new instrument! I love this thing.

Have you changed the velocity settings on any of your pads maybe? Or do you mean that they physically feel different when you strike them?

I’ll add that there have been a lot of complaints that they’re sort of tougher pads to hit, but also I’m only experienced with MC and Electribe 2 so I don’t have a lot of experience with many different pads.

Thanks! It seemed fun in my brief time with it (which will hopefully resume soon!).

As far as I can tell, you can’t adjust velocity per pad and I’d expect them to be even on default settings. They don’t physically feel different but the same force resulted in much different velocity levels between T6 and any of the other five.

I ended up exchanging it so we’ll see if the replacement is more even.


Got a replacement and it’s much better. I actually think all of the pads feel better than they did on the first unit (not just T6) and the Level/Data knob seems sturdier as well. I’m glad my first unit was a fluke. Time to relax and have fun!