Undo posibilities


I was just working on something on the OT MKII, wanted to copy my part to another part and accidentally pressed the clear button next to the copy one. I didn’t notice at the time and tried reloading my project without any succes. I now reloaded to my last save but it was far from the point where i left off.

Simple question: what are my undo options? And i mean all of them… When something like this happens, is it best to pray to Eckhart Tolle and try not to cry or do I have options?



I’m pretty sure you can undo clear by pressing the same button again…


Ur goddam fkn right…


Followup question… You might also know this one. When copying a full track, via the [Func] + [Copy] in arrangement mode, I find that the sound alot of the times completely differentiates from the original one.

What might be happening that is causing this?

What do you mean by a full track?
If you mean a pattern, you also need to copy / paste the part.
A single track can be copied / pasted as it is in the same project.
Arranger mode doesn’t change these behaviors.


Undo / redo clear is also nice musically as it’s the kind of mute you don’t get with the track mutes. Keeping fx tails, samples playing through


Copying a track doesn’t copy scene-locked parameters. The scene-locks associated with the track you are copying TO will stay in place, and start affecting the parameters on the copied pages instead.