Uncle Al still got it

He has put a fine book end on a super cool career of evolving electronic inspired music.


Is that the big Moog in there I saw?


The Moog One? Looks like it. I only just saw the video of the live acoustic version on YouTube a couple of days ago. Nice to hear a studio rendition…

Really cool.(yes, MOOG 1)
He looks in a good place.

I remember seeing them on the Lalapalooza tour, I worked and the venue…prior to the death…and him and the band were in BAD shape.

I am shocked he is still rocking.

Good for him and good for us to hear!

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Wow, I thought he hated this era of Ministry. I loved this track and the With Sympathy/Twitch synthpop stuff. I’d love to see him remaking more of the older songs, or at least playing some of them live.

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If you watch other videos of his “mad rants” it’s clear that poor old grandpa Jorgensen has baked his noodle with drugs. And quit mind bending substances just a little too late.

I am still a fan of 90s ministry to this day, but can’t watch the slow demise of a great legacy.

And am left wondering if the collaberations of those days were where the magic was? Even Dave Navaro looks kinda sad here…

Fix is a good but likely painful doc for some to watch. i think they’re all still active in some way.


Wow. Nicely done Al and co.

I do find it amusing that he needed his own lyrics printed out… so many of us could sing them in our sleep I’m sure.

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I was thinking the same thing…

(also, are you spying on me while I’m sleeping?)

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{{{snore}}} bo beep bop bop {{{snore}}}

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That hit me this am…I was waking up and put on headohones to get my audio fix of music to get the neurons going and I realized, he is reading his own lyrics that are decades old! LOL

*insert pan with egg frying and Nancy Reagan pic

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I agree 100%!

But this gets a pass due to the song being from that era.

TBH, until this vid I have turned away from the band after I heard him carrying on about political issues that were so antithetical to what I know personally about him and his behaviors and history.

I found is so sad to hear him going on and on on over the last year or 2 about things that really were kind of whack coming from him.

His self proclaimed “pseudo intellectual” schtick was cool in a punk rock anti-system way, not a “we need more diversity” in the music industry type way…sounding more like a 2 bit politician and not a industrial metal sex drug rock and roll machine! LOL


Not that I’m into comparing apples to oranges, and this is not a competition.

But as a reference point, I also fell in love with NIN at the same time as Ministry. And if the statement “Trent Reznor still got it” was the title I wouldn’t read it as a question but a statement.

Trent Reznor is an artist who has continued to grow, to evolve, and never really lost touch with the art of music / sound, and what edges it can take you too; an artist who expanded into new audiences and new mediums. Putting what could have become a very fevered ego into his back pocket and remained focused and clear on the outcome of excellent output.

The legacy of 90s industrial metal (imo) isn’t tainted by a self feeding, self serving, ego centric caricature like uncle Al with the comparative Trent Reznor. I’m sure there are others…but that is just one.

That sounds a little harsh, judgemental and agressive I know, I just get so angry then despondent and lack compassion when talented people piss it all into the wind for opulence and self indulgence. To the point that they lose touch and that spark that attracted you and everyone else to them initially.

Then they hack on with some sad impression of their former self thinking that they can rest on that laurel and ride that lightning, milking it for all they can to serve a lower form of self…

LARD, Rev Co, 1000 homo djs, and Ministry where undeniably “Excellence made manifest” at some point, but this makes me sad…

I need a sleep maybe…:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: