Ultrasonic for Octatrack

Add a hearty dash of Ultrasonic Skinnerbox sounds to your Octatrack repertoire, or any other sampler in your set up, with this wonderful Sound Pack. The Berlin-based duo has put together 118 samples of field recordings - comprising of loops and one shots - captured with an ultrasonic microphone at a soaring sampling rate of 384 kHz. These are then pitched down several octaves and amplified without losing fidelity, transforming pin drops into booming metal crashes. Choose between rousing, industrial roars and mellow, atmospheric whispers, all available for you to contort at your convenience.

While formatted for Octatrack, the sound files of this Sound Pack are also compatible with Digitakt, Analog Rytm, Model:Samples, and any other sampler that handles WAV files.

Download a free demo pack of Ultrasonic or purchase here.


This sounds really good. Such a unique idea for a sample pack too. I’m very tempted.

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Give us the OT bonus of 16 patterns and scenes again

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Does it come with a demo project?

That’s what I mean - no

The specs would say like 1 bank of 16 patterns and 16 scenes

It’s wavs, arbitrarily branded

If it had custom loop points that would be something, but I’m guessing there’s no .ot files included

Slices maybe? C’mon Elektron - make OT packs actual OT packs


A bit pricey for it just being 118 samples


I guess it’s a reflection of the equipment used and amount of time put into it? It’d be nice to have more samples in the pack, tho, agreed

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Last sound pack I bought for OT was the West Coast one. Don’t mind having those samples but was quite disappointed that no demo project was included.

Older soundpacks released for OT had demo projects. Being able to study a demo project and observe how patterns, scenes, etc. were set up was a valuable learning experience and was a significant part of the value of the soundpack.

I’d feel cheated if I were to buy a soundpack and not see a demo project.


disappointed that all i got was samples with no demo set. samples are weak to say the least I don’t recommend this sample pack

Very much agreed. The reverse engineering of these demos were a massive help in my understanding how things actually worked.

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Second that! Having a bank of patterns and scenes with a pack is such a sweetner

EDIT: just seen that I’ve harped on this before - in this thread haha - sorry - just fond memories of early OT days jamming and reverse engineering the demos

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