[UK] Push 2 decksaver. Wooden sides mk1


Decksaver for push 2 £25 price drop

Wooden sides for a4/rytm/OT £15

Open to offers on all this, so please dm me to discuss. Open to possible trades as well–see below

What I am looking for:

Payment via PayPal friends & family, or you can pay the extra.

Postage to be discussed. IMG_20190323_104639|666x500


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A other item sold.

Edited to reflect.


I’m interested in the push 2 lid


Cool mate. Drop me a dm and we can sort something



Push 2 lid still available

Edit - apologies @avantronica for the error.


No worries, no error, just a minor tidy, I generally browse the summary forum, it is just easier in that view when the FS etc is visible in title, no biggie.


Edited to reflect sold items.