(UK) Monomachine MKII £550 - Traded, please close



I’m thinking of selling this to pay for a Digitone. I know some might find this a little crazy but the form factor of Digi really appeals amongst other things.
Condition is good and all buttons and knobs are fully working. The screen is fine also, the pattern is a reflection of a drape on the ceiling.
Post via UPS next day service.
£600 delivered.


Update: Digitone has arrived!


Bump! Anyone interested?


Bump bump! Looking to also trade for an Eventide H9 Max if anyone is interested?


That I can do!


Hi Delboy,

£550 or the trade?


Trade, where in berks are you?


High Wycombe, You have a H9 Max? How old it it?


It’s about 4 months old, fully boxed, never gigged, it’s on eBay, lemond43


Perfect! Let’s do it!
Where are you located buddy?


I’m in Torquay Devon, Bristol is about half way I think


It’s still quite a distance. Maybe I can UPS the Mono to you?


If you can do that no worries, will pm details


Chat after work tonight.


Traded, please close.