[UK] [FS] MPC1000 with JJOS2XL, max ram and fat pad upgrade £300

I’m in the west midlands, might travel to sell

Sadly parting with my MPC, it was my first bit of hardware. Didn’t think I’d sell it but it’s going to waste right now. It’s got the most expensive JJOS software meaning you can use any of the various versions of it free of charge, max ram and I upgraded the pad sensors and paid extra for the thicc pads and matching black knobs, had to order the parts from America.

Two things to note though, the q link faders never worked for me. It’s probably an easy fix but I never used them anyway. The parts are readily available and I will take this into account with pricing. I think the previous owner might have had a skin on it or something by the look of the paint job. Details and photos below in thread

alternatively I think ill trade the pair for a digitakt if one comes up before I regain my senses

It’s a shame you’re not in the states- I want that keyboard. And the MPC would probably be fun

Could you PM more pics of the MPC? I want to ascertain how much work it would be to clean up. I may be up for that DT swap…

I think we probably would have made a few trades by now if I was in america. I’ve come to my senses on the keys, had a play yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Might just keep them

Posting further details on MPC here from a PM for all that are interested

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Coincidentally I too pulled out my KK last night and had a lot of fun. Certainly enough to cool the DNK GAS for a little while anyway…!

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Yeah man I didn’t use it for a good while, been just jamming on the launchpad and maschine. Felt in a rut and decided to turn the keys on and blasted out a couple of song ideas in no time. Variety is the spice of life as they say

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How much are you looking at?

Bump, looking for £300, considering others are going for £600 and the fader replacement costs £100 (if you even need it)

Well JJOS uses those lil sliders a lot for the functions.And parts from the US inclusing taxes ect.And hopefully that might fix it.

Can’t say I’ve ever missed them, also every button on the MPC is midi mappable so if you have any other form of midi controller you don’t even lose any function. half price is absolutely fair

Nice guitar btw, is that a cruiser pickup in the neck? I’m thinking about picking one up for my white strat :slight_smile:

Too bad you’re not in straya. Local market seemed to empty out right when i started looking.

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its a fernandez sustainer, its the EOB fender strat. it has extra switches for infinite sustain. makes for crazy ambient sounds and drones. its pretty sweet

@rex_mundii yeah shame, hopefully someone snatches it up. ill just fix it up myself and bump the price up if it goes on much longer

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Ok ok… 1 will buy it if that stand comes with it : 0 ]

Happy to throw the stand in, no problem. Drop me a PM


SOLD close please mods