(UK)Analogue solutions telemark k £515 posted SOLD


Bump again for a even cheaper price of £535


Question, is it V2 or MK-1? Or is there no difference?


Sure it’s a v2.brought it of davyp the other week.


Yeah it’s v2.it as the ring mod on it.v1 doesn’t


Ahhh! Don’t. Tempt. Me


It needs a loving home and it will love you back😁


Its a great price…


It sure is.


Its too low… you shouldn’t take less than £600. id take it if I had the space for it


I’m so sorry but I just can’t get the money for it right now - otherwise I would have bought it in a second. Wish you the best of luck selling it - crazy good deal!


I know.its well cheap for what it is…someone will be lucky


Hey Bump.
How can key players not buying such synth at such price ?


Ain’t sure.must be because it’s just after xmas


It remind me those times when friend of mine told me “I know what ? Incredible ! I find these synth or these groove box mint for so cheap…bla bla”. Always saying, how can these cases possible ?
Those cases happened, now I can understand at least one reason why.
:frowning: for the seller and :slight_smile: for the buyer .


It’s definitely a bad time of year for selling. I’ve had my Virus TI2 61 key up for sale at what I thought was a ridiculously low price and not a single bite. Oh well, just enjoy it now and maybe try again later huh?


Yeah selling gear is strange.once it sells about 20 people will want to buy it :grin:


True dat


Was trying to shift few things in January and no joy so just hung onto them. Tough time for money


I’m interested, still available?


How much and where are you selling it out of interest?